Beach House – “10 Mile Stereo” (Zopelar Remix)

Beach House – “10 Mile Stereo (Zopelar Remix)”

The heartbeat’s definitely throbbing a little harder and faster in this Zopelar remix of an otherwise laidback Beach House tune. The original, from the band’s third disc Teen Dream, is a gorgeous, midnight-ocean wash of soft synth sustain and arpeggiated glimmer, but here the Brazilian DJ adds a hefty kickdrum pulse and, most importantly, that bobbing disco bass, to push Victoria Legrand’s sweetly langorous voice out of the moonlit tide and onto solid ground. Sometimes you’re in the mood to feel something sturdy beneath your feet, and Zopelar grounds us perfectly, anchoring the expanse of Beach House to a tightly-coiled groove.

You can download this track for free from Zopelar’s Soundcloud page.

– Spoolwork