Better Love (Robotaki remix) – Ben Ivory

Normally, I do my best to avoid posting songs that a lot of folks have started writing about, but in today’s case this song is so catchy I just couldn’t help myself. This week, Quebecois producer Robotaki unleashed another stellar remix, this time around of newcomer Ben Ivory. Robotaki has already carved a nice warm niche in many of our iTunes windows with remixes of the likes of Chilly Gonzales, Penguin Prison, and most recently the Van She.

This time around he strikes liquid gold with a big, bubbly pop tune. Armed with a giant hooky feelgood chorus and just a hint of crisp Autumn synthesizers, he’s crafted a tune I can’t stop listening to. You can pick the single up off Beatport (thought not if you’re in ‘Merica) now or wait til later for a wider release. Or, head over to Robotaki’s Soundcloud for free downloads of some of his other great remixes.

/// Brian Blackout