Guest Post: Eugene Tambourine

This week we’re featuring a special guest post by our friend, edit maven Eugene Tambourine.

Log onto SoundCloud and it appears that everyone’s been kung-fu fighting with pre-recorded music these days. It’s no secret that I’m part of the horde. However, my editing experience has helped me navigate that DIY paradise we all know and love. Here are some all-time favorites of mine:

I love how the UK’s Dancin’ Room Only keep the atmospheric parts peaking in the beginning of the tune before the familiar theme begins. The loops are positively housey with just the right amount of effects. This gem has been lurking behind the ‘cloud for the past 2 years.

Combolito’s take on Donald Byrd’s “Love Has Come Around” has the prolific Swede adding a host of extra synths, percussion and rhythm tracks to that plodding piano groove we all know and love. Overdubs can make or break an edit, but the result here is exhilarating. Sadly, the original’s swirling bridge is gone, but the new additions make up for it.

Eugene Tambourine