Ten City – "That’s the Way Love Is" (EeeTee edit)

Last week we had a guest posting by Eugene Tambourine, and this week I’m pleased to say he’ll be writing regularly for us beginning next Monday. I met Eugene when we were neighbors 5 years ago, and we bonded over a mutual love of Vicky D. Eugene has more edits than an iPod could ever hold in his archives, but he shares a lot of them with the world on his Soundcloud.

Ten City’s “That’s the Way Love Is,” a top 10 hit in the UK that never had the same popularity in the states, has been a favorite of mine ever since Eugene shared it with me. It evokes moods often left behind on the dancefloor. Regret. Remorse. Wistfulness. Emotional acceptance. Eugene’s edit stretches out all the right parts and tucks aside the track’s weaknesses. Without resorting to a 10 minute mammoth edit, it succinctly elevates the original to higher heights of feeling.

Ten City – That’s the Way Love Is (EeeTee edit)

P.S. I once saw Jens Lekman covering this tune live, and you can see him do the cover (and segueing into Sipping on the Sweet Nectar) on Youtube, you’ll get some serious goosebumps. Here’s to hoping he records it someday.

/// Brian Blackout