Space Art – “Love Machine”

About six or seven years ago, I was still regularly buying vinyl and traveling to other cities to do so.  My fingers were dirty and music was still pure in the way that it was before you kids ruined it!  On a trip to Armand’s Records in Philly, I bought everything with a robot voice on it.  One thing I grabbed was Cosmic Dancer: Voyage Three, a compilation of space disco.  As with most comps, there was one standout track that sold me.  For $14.99, I got 4 songs that I never play and  Love Machine by a French group called Space Art.  Vocoder jams have the same effect on me as boobs do for dudes at a strip club.  $20 dollars for one more song?  Yes please.  These robots are melodic — pitched in the neighborhood of ELO’s Mister Blue Sky.  The bass is plodding and dipped in chocolate sauce.  The drummer is live and having a great time banging out trashcan fills.  Somewhere in the distance a guitar is not-so-gently weeping.   I usually play this one at  +5 because I like my love-sick beats at dance tempo.  So pitch it up and get down.  

-Dope Werewolf