Top 5 from 2004 #5: I Disappear – the Faint

#5 – I Disappear by the Faint

The Faint’s 3rd album Wet from Birth was kind of disappointing overall compared to Danse Macabre, but I Disappear was everything great about the band. Unhinged, weird, dark, but still kind of fun instead of being grim. I remember playing this one at my own nights and hearing it often at a goth dance party I went to too, it was one of only a few songs to make that crossover.

Best of 2004
#1 – “NY Excuse” / “Another Excuse” – Soulwax
#2 – “Banquet” – Bloc Party
#3 – “Hounds of Love” – the Futureheads
#4 – “I Predict a Riot” – the Kaiser Chiefs
#5 – “I Disappear” – the Faint

In preparing for our upcoming party Head On: 2014 vs 2004, we’re each counting down our 5 favorite songs from our respective years. I’ll be representing 2004 so my task is a pretty fun one for blogging. I thought about how to decide which 5 songs were best. I decided to pick the 5 best songs from 2004 to dance to, rather than just my 5 favorites or something, because that would get obscure and include stuff like Shocking Pinks. Some of these songs I remember dancing to in 2004, some I was playing at dance parties and loved the way people danced.