Top 5 from 2004 #4: I Predict a Riot – the Kaiser Chiefs

#4 – I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs

I Predict a Riot came out several years after britpop had quieted down, but it really managed to combine dancepunk and 00’s indie rock with the earlier britpop sound. Catchy vocals, ample hooks and a killer chorus made it one of the best songs of 2004.

Best of 2004
#1 – “NY Excuse” / “Another Excuse” – Soulwax
#2 – “Banquet” – Bloc Party
#3 – “Hounds of Love” – the Futureheads
#4 – “I Predict a Riot” – the Kaiser Chiefs
#5 – “I Disappear” – the Faint

In preparing for our upcoming party Head On: 2014 vs 2004, we’re each counting down our 5 favorite songs from our respective years. I’ll be representing 2004 so my task is a pretty fun one for blogging. I thought about how to decide which 5 songs were best. I decided to pick the 5 best songs from 2004 to dance to, rather than just my 5 favorites or something, because that would get obscure and include stuff like Shocking Pinks. Some of these songs I remember dancing to in 2004, some I was playing at dance parties and loved the way people danced.