Topless Vinyl Pick: Florian Kupfer SAD Edits 001

Yes, pop edits can be a bit hit or miss, but with this black label not-so-secretly produced by Berlin based Florian Kupfer, we have found our closing track of the summer.

The A side is a deep house mix of Sade’s “I Couldn’t Love You More” from Love Deluxe. The contrast of the super slinky vocals over a rough edged house track creates a very sexy vibe. This is a track just made to close out a deep to hard house set. It is one of the better Sade remixes that have come out.

The B side is not as impressive, but still holds up on it’s own. A stripped down re-work of “Never Thought I’d See The Day” with vocals that sound like they are imploring you from far away. It is a lovely track, but not as strong as the A side.