Topless Vinyl Pick of the Week – Get Wet Foreplay #1

Ah the joys of getting a vinyl in the mail! Even more when it is packed full of gems meant for club play and serious for dancing and make out moves.
Get Wet is a label formed by friends spanning the cities of Berlin and Milan. An incongruous match to be sure, but the jive of the two cities against each other makes for great and eclectic mix.
Foreplay #1 is house for sure, but classic and new at the same time. The sounds are definitively 909, 303 and all those Roland synths that built the house and garage. Because they have these classic sounds, they sound familiar but push the tracks into the new by artists using these sounds paired with newer conventions of constructing a house track.
The slow sexy boogie of Sweet Somebody is my particular favorite followed second by the 303 stomper Wet Pant. It sure does, make your pants wet that is.
Check out the previews here on Soundcloud.