Topless Vinyl Pick of the Week – Joe “Thinkin’ about”

The beginning of June saw a slew of excellent releases, but the killer standout is Joe’s debut on Four Tet’s Text imprint. We finally got our copy in the mail last week and all we can say is WOWOWOW.
We first heard it, of course in the most fun Boiler Room set by Four Tet June 1 and then scrubbed the internet to find a copy. Instantly sold out at Phonica and then even after it was back in stock, sold out again in mere hours. This is when Discogs becomes your best friend, as long as you have patience to wait through the German postal strike to get your lovely vinyls.
The imaginative edit of Bobby McFerrin’s “Thinking’ About your Body” features suck a lush bass underneath that despite the slowish BMP can fit snugly in the middle of nice disco or classic house set. But her really makes you wait for it! We see it fitting into our set as a wonderful bridge from downtempo starters to slower disco on to house. Or it could even make a nice interlude in a hard set to give you time to just groove.
It’s a limited edition white label, so if you can grab a copy. It is so well worth it.