Topless Vinyl Pick of the Week – We Play House Summer Special

It’s February. It’s cold even here in Barcelona the temperatures are dipping below 10C. Yeah, I know for an audience mostly in Brooklyn you are thinking, “Man, that’s like spring.” Our friends at We Play House are serving you up a summer preview of three deep, down, and groovy house tracks.

We Play House is based out of Belgium and since 2010 have been pressing interesting music that mostly falls in the house label. This release is no different. Starting with a sample heavy track from Harry Baldi that is just fun to dance to. The A2 though by Miclem kicks off with a super fun bassline and open high hats that just drive the song. The flip side has a kind of lackluster track with a synth line that is really acid house-y as the B1. I’ll admit it’s not really my cuppa. But the B2 by Maxim Lany & Audio City is so icy smooth and hot that I am sure that it would have been on the Drive soundtrack.