Topless Vinyl Only Release of the Week – Soul Clap and Kerri Chandler

You would think that in the middle of January, there would be a drop off in quality vinyl only releases, but it looks to me like every one wants the summer to start in February. I know my friends back in Brooklyn sure do! This week we saw a flurry of amazing releases and essential re-issues on good quality vinyl! It was super hard to pic so you get two for one this week!

For starters, Soul Clap presents Vinyl Only Summer Jamz with Juice Belushi and Michael the Lion. Man, this one is a going to be popping all over. The A side is silky and starts with a synth that sounds just like ¨Stand Back¨ with a strong bass line. Vocals come in from Nephroki and it sounds like it is going to flow on mellow, but then the breaks in with the happy disco guitar. Ohs and ahs bring the song up and over the edge. The B side is Micheal the Lion with a funky congo driven disco anthem that sounds like it just walked out the bathroom of studio 54 but with modern touches like the isolated vocal break just before breaking into full on disco madness. Vocals from Amy Douglas make this a killer. Summer is here! In the middle of January!

Second pic this week is the essential re-issue of the Atmosphere EP on good quality vinly from the one and only house legend Kerri Chandler. Originally released in 1993, this record does not sound over 10 years old. It holds up mightily and still drives the dance floor. This re-issue is great to fill out a set and move the pace up into the night. If you love deep house, this is for you. Here is my favorite track from this EP.