Wally Badarou – "Chief Inspector"

Wally Badarou Chief Inspector

A friend recently reminded of stellar artist Wally Badarou by recommending Endless Race, off of his cult classic Echoes album. Badarou is the Justin Strauss of keyboards- more than just a session musician, he was a critical participant in the works of countless excellent artists like Grace Jones, Talking Heads, Herbie Hancock, and Robert Palmer. Often referred to as the 5th member of Level 42, it’s Badarou’s vibes that makes Something About You so damn catchy.

With that intro I give you Chief Inspector, his buoyant yet ominous soul groove that has haunted me since its introduction via fellow You-Don’t-Have-To-Settler Brian Blackout a few years back. Elevating Chief Inspector to the highest of heights is the AMAZING video (which I could only find on a remote and random French site, that’s how cool it is), a combination of claymation, 80s scribble animation, line drawings, and live Badarou vibe.