Young Edits / River & Phoenix – Why Can’t I Be Hughes

Young Edits aka Brisbane AU’s Luke Foskey specializes in heavily reworking classics (Arthur Russell, Kate Bush).  He calls them edits, but these are often serious departures from the originals.  Sure, some feathers will get ruffled when even a hair is touched on their sacred cow.  (How’s that for a mixed metaphor?  Cow’s have hair, right?)  …But haters gonna hate as they say, and if you can add a synth baseline and an acid lead to a Pixies song and not piss me off, you’re doing something right.

The latest Young Edits release is the River & Phoenix Project – Castle Rock EP, (get it?).  Several tracks are transformed here, but for me the standout is Brisbane’s take on the Cure’s Why Can’t I Be You, entitled Why Can’t I Be Hughes?, the title an homage to the master of 80’s cinema and the track featuring vocals sampled from a master of 80’s synth-pop.  The re-edit borrows Robert Smith’s hoots and hook and a few guitar snippets and rebuilds from there.  The bass is replayed, acid is dropped and 808 woodblocks set loose.  It manages to be totally new and familiar at the same time.

If you like that one, dig through the pile of tracks on the Young Edits Soundcloud (49 as this is being written).  There are tons of rad chunes on there, but the one I really loved was his remix of Daniel Johnston‘s Something’s Last a Long Time.  Young Edits somehow turned the epitome of underproduced, off-kilter indie outsider-ism into a slick house production without losing its heart.  Forget Kanye, this is more 808s and heartbreak then he will ever manage.  Ok, I think they might be 909s, but you get the picture.  

-Dope Werewolf