Blkmarket Membership 9 Year Anniversary Part IV Daytime Party with Black Coffee (Extended Set)

Sunday, June 28
2:00 pm


272 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY 11206




Black Coffee (Extended Set)
Taimur & Fahad

Sound & Lighting by Oxygen Eventworks
Celebrating 9 years of Blkmarket Membership with a series of events in June…

For the final party of our nine year anniversary celebrations, we at BlkMarket Membership wanted to do something different and bring an artist whose legacy and sound perfectly suits the daytime hours. Black Coffee is South Africa’s most renown export in house music, a musician who since his debut in 2003 has risen to become synonymous with the dance music of that continent and whose powerfully emotional sound is rooted in his own and his countries’ struggles as he rose from the ghettos to worldwide stardom, in the interim deepening his early musical interest by studying jazz and forming a soul trio alongside friends in parallel to the beginning of his career as a house producer and DJ. Black Coffee’s sound is the soul of South Africa speaking through his unique interpretation of house music, and while African and western music have cross pollinated since Fela Kuti Africanized James Brown’s funk and brought it back to its mother continent, the modern sound of South African house music is deeply indebted to his innovations. He remains the most acclaimed modern musician to emerge from the fertile African dance music scene, earning accolades from Red Bull Music Academy, international MTV outlets, and more at home in South Africa, and he has established a foundation to contribute to the welfare of his country’s many destitute and disabled, promoting his coined idea of a distinct African Agenda. With opening duties capably handled by residents Taimur and Fahad, BlkMarket Membership closes our nine year anniversary celebrations with a very special appearance from an artist whose work and ideology continues to be an inspiration for listeners worldwide.