Brooklyn Is Dead: Feeling Gloomy’s tribute to when Brooklyn was painfully hip

Saturday, November 15
11:00 pm


245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Lately, Brooklyn has been bringing us down.

Glasslands and Death by Audio are almost gone, Brooklyn nightclubs and venues that we love are dropping like flies. Add them to the list: 285 Kent, Public Assembly, Southpaw, Studio B, Savalas, Royal Oak, Supreme Trading, Luna Lounge, Luxx. They’re being shuttered and replaced by Manhattan 2.0. Let’s face it:

Brooklyn is dead.

Ok, ok, we know that is hyperbole, but it’s not far from the truth, the Brooklyn we knew and loved is gone. So rather than mope about it, let’s all remember together back when this borough was fun. We’re throwing a funeral (and a dance party) to celebrate the Brooklyn we remember.

Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom, ever your affable hosts, will fill the night with indie rock, dancepunk + electro from the last 15 years. Bands from Brooklyn, bands that played in Brooklyn, and songs we danced to in Brooklyn (we’ll post a Spotify mix in the comments to give you a better idea). So come help us remember Brooklyn when it was cool before this place turns into one giant Urban Outfitters.

BROOKLYN IS DEAD – Feeling Gloomy’s tribute to when Brooklyn was painfully hip

+ We’ll eulogize the Brooklyn we all loved and cover Grand Victory (one of the last bastions of goodness left in the place) with tombstones and other funereal decorations.

+ Take your picture in our Last Selfie in Brooklyn photobooth

+ Wear black (it’s a funeral, show some respect!)

+ You’ll hear songs from and about Brooklyn all night courtesy of your hosts Gordon & Nathaniel Gloom, plus all your favorite anglophilic, gloomy faves

Feeling Gloomy
The Party That Brings a Tear to Your Eye
Sat Nov 15th September at Grand Victory
+ 3rd Saturdays every month

@ Grand Victory, 245 Grand St
betw. Driggs & Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford / G to Lorimer

11pm – 4am
Dress to depress
Tickets: $6 door – $4 advance tix coming soon

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Previously we had THIS much fun: