Cheryl: Bugged

Saturday, January 31
11:00 pm


389 Melrose St, Brooklyn, New York 11237



Music by


We’re onto you. Look out the window.

I deleted facebook from my cellphone – you can fax me.

It’s winter + you’re under 24-hour surveillance = come dance with us.

So are you.
Or maybe you’re part of the conspiracy?
Are you?
Are we?

Do you know what the government is doing with your personal data? No. But CHERYL does.

Need costume inspiration? Think GPS PTSD, fashion drones, and undisclosed locations. The Unabomber meets David Guetta. Area 51 meets Studio 54. Security camera disco balls.

Don’t forget your tin foil hat…

On Saturday night, January 31, we’re gonna jam your cellphone.


DJs NICK, GRANDMA INTERNET and KRIPPLEBUSH digitally stalk your eardrums and gather data surrounding your levels of enjoyment associated with specific genres of dance music while watching you via spycam from a DJ booth located in another country.

And seriously, no photos. Let’s do this for us. One night. Keep it in your brain. Don’t let the government take that photo of you at CHERYL and USE IT AGAINST YOU.

Saturday January 31, 2015 at
Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237
$10 cover