Death, Sex & Money DANCE BREAK! at the Brooklyn Museum’s Target First Saturdays

Saturday, April 2
9:00 pm




Everyone may have left work for the day, but there’s still time to find a dance party tonight. Yet again we’ve all been busy and haven’t been keeping up with our newsletters (although if you’ve peeked in on the site, our events have been up to date). I’ve got so much on I probably shouldn’t take the time to put this together given everyone else who needs my time BUT, we have some rad events I wanted to tell you about, so here’s a little newsletter for you.

Firstly, TONIGHT you can catch myself, Mister Disco, and DJ Doctor Mister at the Grand Victory at YEAH, our indie disco. Secondly, TOMORROW I will be spinning at the Brooklyn Museum’s Target First Saturdays! Crazy stuff. Thirdly, we’re rebooting our HEAD ON party this month by pitting Daft Punk against LCD Soundsystem so you may want to have a look. And fourthly here’s everything else we thought looked like it’d be a good time…

(As always, we only put the cherry-picked best parties here in the newsletter. Particularly when we’re busy! There are always more events on the website than in our newsletter. This is just meant to give you a taste, so head to the website listings for many more options).

-Brian Blackout

(This newsletter will be published as a fancy email as well as on our website. You can subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or read this newsletter on the website, eschewing the mere idea of subscriptions. Faugh!).



Fri 4/1 – YEAH! (an indie disco at the Grand Victory)
the Grand Victory, Williamsburg
Free • indie • electropop • synthwave • future funk • DJs Brian Blackout * Mister Disco * DJ Doctor Mister
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Sat 4/2 – Death, Sex & Money Dance Break! at the Brooklyn Museum’s Target First Saturdays
Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Heights
Free • indie • synthpop • 80s • DJ Brian Blackout (YEAH, YDH2S)

Sun 4/10 – Tummy Touch 20th Birthday Launch Party
Black Flamingo, Williamsbrug
Free • disco • house • DJs Tim Love Lee (EVR, Tummy Touch) * Little Shalimar * Tim Wagner * Nick Chacona * Eugene Tambourine
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Thurs 4/14 – Gigamesh / Solidisco / Jefferson909 / Akki
the Good Room, Greenpoint
$12-$20 • indie • electropop • house • w/Gigamesh * Solidisco * Jefferson9090 & AKKI
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Fri 4/15 – HEAD ON: Daft Punk vs LCD Soundsystem
the Bell House, Gowanus
Free • indie • electropop • french house • DJs Brian Blackout * Spoolwork * DJ Doctor Mister (YEAH)
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Sat 4/16 – GLOOMS NEVER END: Feeling Gloomy Does Joy Division + New Order
the Grand Victory, Williamsburg
$6 • indie • britpop • post-punk • synthpop • DJs Gordon + Nathaniel Gloom
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Fri 4/22 – Dance Yourself Clean – Spring Tour
Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg
$12 • indie • electropop
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These are our picks, but you can see tons more listings on

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