Digital Love

Saturday, February 13
11:59 pm


702 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215



Love is in the air, or at least in the aisles of the Hallmark store, and we’re heeding the call. We’ve decided to we’re gonna celebrate (c’mawn) in the style of those who know best about love. I speak of course, of robots. More specifically, of the be-helmeted duo Daft Punk and their many anthems of love from which we got our party’s name. We’re going to throw a dance party full of songs about love, robots, unrequited crushes, uninterrupted circuits, passion, servomotors, smartphones, inappropriate uses of cellphones, making out, upgrading your RAM, S&M, slaving your master hard drive, picking up boys and girls and cables at Tekserve, and everything in between. There will be oodles of french house, french touch, electropop and indie rock to dance to. If love, robots, or loving robots is wrong, baby we don’t wanna be right.

Yours Truly, Your Devoted DJ Roboboyfriends
BB8-rian Blackout-tron
+ DJ Doctor Mister 9000™
(you might have previously danced with us at parties like PJs n DJs, Feeling Gloomy, Head On + YEAH)

Doors at midnight, Saturday 2/13 (technically at midnight it’ll be Valentine’s, so expect some magic)