Friday, January 30
10:00 pm


Brooklyn, NY 11237 (RSVP for address)




3 DJs from A-1 Records, NYC ::::::::: Stewarrt Upchurch / Jeremy Delon / Monchan(Toshi Moriguchi)

Today, A-1 remains in the heart of the East Village, its once-empty block now rammed with not one, but three artisanal cocktail bars. The neighborhood continues to morph and change, and though A-1 has changed too, the store still retains the quintessential charm of the New York City shopping experience. The employees have a vast amount of knowledge, the kind that can only be acquired by poring over thousands of records every single day. Still, they aren’t shoving their wisdom down anyone’s throat. Even after nearly two decades in business, the store is just as likely to welcome a visiting European DJ to raid the stacks as it is to tip off a new producer to some amazing yet unused sample material. At the same time, the staff is also just as likely to eject a pain in the ass who’s trying to bring a bike inside instead of locking it up out on the street—it is New York City, after all. By http://www.xlr8r.com/features/2013/04/record-store-week-a-1-records/

RSVP to starvue234@gmail.com for the location.
Cover : $10.00