Saturday, March 28
10:00 pm


351 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Offbeat is the best beat.

Think about your favorite edits where the chorus was put in a brilliant place, or the best remix that a stranger has shared with you on Soundcloud, or the reason you bought cassette or vinyl singles as a kid (hint: it had something to do with whatever remix was on side B.)

Come dance with us at Endmax, and celebrate the funkiest in disco edits, house remixes, reimagined pop songs with your promised sweat and exuberance being the only cost of admission we’ll ever ask you for.


a party of remixes, edits and other hidden gems
with Mister Disco (Happy House) and Dopewerewolf (No Tears)
at Trophy Bar!
351 Broadway
JMZ to Marcy
10-4 – no cover!