Fleetmac Wood presents White Winged Love Disco

Friday, October 2
9:00 pm


411 Troutman St Brooklyn, NY 11237




Roxanne Roll
Smooth Sailing

To those of you who have attended one of our parties before, we’re looking forward to seeing you all again and if you haven’t let us paint the picture for you:
Chances are you’ve heard a lot of Fleetwood Mac in your life. Perhaps you were smart enough to go see them live recently. But isn’t it time you swathed yourself in a shawl or a waistcoat and wooden balls and surrendered your soul to five hours of this sublime music and REALLY felt it. Our party is a chance to listen to the wind blow from blues to rock to stadium pop to remix in a nightclub context. You need to hear this music LOUD. You need to move and lose yourself in the dark. You need to close your eyes and let yourself be taken by the wind. Rhiannon is calling you in your best WHITE outfit.

You are in safe hands. We’ve been putting on these parties since 2012, when we launched Pyschemagik’s edit of Dreams in a sweaty East London basement. Since then we’ve taken our lovingly curated collection to Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party, Burning Man, NYC, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Vancouver and LA.

This is not a tribute act. There are no cover versions. We just want to create an environment where you can enjoy the music with like-minded people. It’s like a festival with the best people, because Fleetwood Mac fans are the best people. Fact. We’ve witnessed this every party we do – you guys are special. You’re emotionally charged with your candles burning bright. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself hugging a stranger at the end of the night to Landslide. And technically they won’t be a stranger because, they have good taste like yourself.

A few house rules:
If you’re not sure you like Fleetwood Mac, please don’t come. No really, don’t come. And don’t drag along your friend who doesn’t really like them either. We’ll be overdosing on a feast of edits and originals (no cover versions permitted). This is an unadulterated, tunnel-visioned event, paying homage to the incredible musical journey that is Fleetwood Mac. This is ALL-NIGHT-LONG BIG LOVE.

An all white outfit is encouraged. You ARE the white winged dove.

$15 advance or $20 on the door
A little taste of what our parties are like:

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