G&S and Rubulad NYE: The Casino Battle Royale

Thursday, December 31
9:00 pm


Brooklyn, NY (see description for address)



Gemini & Scorpio and Rubulad
cordially invite you to

The Casino Battle Royale

NYE, Thur 12/31, 9pm-5am (8pm VIP), 21+ with ID (25+ suggested)
Glitterati*: $35 Tier 1 SOLD OUT / $45 Tier 2 SOLD OUT / $55 Tier 3 & door / $20 after 12:30am [door only]
Spy recruit*: $65 / High roller*: $75
For location, arrive at our “fence” at 600 Degraw St, Gowanus, BK

Official site: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Tix: http://casinobattleroyale.brownpapertickets.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1633288206923775/
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #gsspy

It is the peak of the Cold War, and global tensions run high. Multiple countries have their fingers on The Button. The Arms Race is only intensifying. The world watches with held breath.

Somewhere in an unmarked NYC warehouse, the world’s top philanthropists, politicians and celebrities have gathered — nominally, for one of the most exclusive charity fundraisers for nuclear disarmament. But everyone has their own agenda here, and even as the champagne sparkles and the casino games roll, international intrigue is being plotted. In this room, secret deals are made, and the world’s fate is decided.

No wonder then, that international spy agencies have infiltrated the party… Not only are they hunting for information, but they’ve chosen this event to seek out the most talented new recruits for their missions in the coming year.

G&S gives you a unique and thrilling New Year’s Eve experience: expect our usual over-the-top entertainment and immersive setting, combined with an engaging game that you control the outcome of. Join in as much or as little as you want, or just come to enjoy the casino games, the martinis, the go go girls, and whatever surprises may happen on this night. Do you have what it takes to be the top spy?

Dress code:
Classic Bond, glam 1960s-70s, international intrigue, Spy vs Spy, Archer. Cocktail or formal attire required if not in costume.

The venue:
The main event takes place in a 10,000sq ft two-level previously unexplored playground. The ground floor is a psychedelic nightclub, while the second floor is a casino and adjoining lounge with live entertainment. If you’re lucky, you might also find the Secret Lair two blocks away: a sexy low-lit lounge with decadent furnishings, chill music, sprawling outdoor space and cocktail bar. Unlock levels in the spy game to gain access (it opens after 10pm).

The Casino Lounge entertainment:
Psyche Chimère – the Shanghai Pearl with the velvet voice
Telecommand – sophisticated grooves for the suited and booted
Triad Brass (formerly The Human JukeBox Brass Band) – a brass melting pot of hip hop, jazz and pop
Jo Boobs – the leopard-clad queen of burlesque and head mistress of the New York School of Burlesque
Ember Flame – Australia’s sexiest burlesque assassin
Tanya Solomon – glamorous magician
Cherry Pitz – lounge hostess extraordinaire
DJ Poodlecannon – sweet lounge grooves from 60s and beyond, in between and after the cabaret acts

Plus: delightful go-go by Apathy Angel; face and body painting + Wheel of Fortune by Painteresse Elyzabeth; new year tarot fortunes by Marcy Currier; light circus extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur; photo booth by Further Than Photos.

The Psychedelic Nightclub:
The stellar DJs Sandy Darling, Illexxandra, Dj Reaganomics and Dj Shakey keep your booty moving all night long with always-unexpected time-transcending grooves. G. Scopitronic’s famous non-stop film fest provides delightful vintage visuals.

The Secret Lair:
All-vinyl all-60s all-night: beat, garage, soul, mod, R&B, psyche pop and more, with DJs Ol’ Stark and Phast Phreddie (Subway Soul). Fabulous vintage cocktails at the bar. Lots of room to dance or lounge.

The game:
Before midnight, there are opportunities to get recruited to be an international spy. Hundreds can play the game; very few will win. You’ll have to keep your eyes open for the agents, the double agents, and the powerful elite who hold secrets you can unlock. We’re not at liberty to reveal much else, but we can tell you that the casino games have definitely been infiltrated by the agencies. A $10 buy-in gets you $50 in playing chips and an opportunity to cash out your winnings for secret tokens that are not only useful in your recruitment process, but have special powers in 2016 missions. Outsmart the others to be the top spy, and you can get admission to ALL G&S events in 2016 (except holiday, banya, and sold-out parties).

*Ticket levels:
– Glitterati, $35-55: you are one of the lucky ones who have scored an invitation to this secret affair. Arrive at 9, win in the casino to receive special tokens, enjoy the event, and keep your eyes open for the agents (the casino is not the only way to enter the competition). All tiers offer same access – please buy at the highest level you can afford.
– Spy recruit, $65: you REALLY want to join the ranks of the international spy elite. One more hour of access to the casino tables (8pm doors) means an opportunity to hoard more tokens, and a much better chance at crossing paths with the agents outside the tables. Just don’t let the free champagne cloud your judgment (8-9pm).
– High roller, $75: You’ve already been recruited…now you just need to survive the night and complete your missions to become a full spy. Sure, you can enjoy the 8pm access to the casino and get your hands on those special tokens (and champagne) as well, but you also skip a few levels of the game and unlock the Secret Lair. Plus, you’ll start out ahead of the pack with one token already in hand.