IT’S HARD OUT THERE FOR A SYNTH: Feeling Gloomy <3s Synthesizers

Saturday, May 21
11:00 pm


245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



We’d like to think Feeling Gloomy NYC casts a wide net, but there’s one thing that always has us feeling particularly gloomy, and that is synthesizers. Giant moody pads, icy arpeggios, sequenced drums, stolen voices sampled over keys they never ought to have been in. So every now and again (well, this will be the second time, I guess) we like to pay tribute to the entire genre of synthpop.

Techno and house have their many devotees, but hardly ever do we find nights advertising their love of synthpop (and when we do, we’re either throwing those parties ourselves or hurrying to their dancefloors). But love it we do, and we plan on showing you! We’ll start with the pillars: Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure, Soft Cell, Pet Shop Boys, the Human League, and we’ll dive deeper into our favorites by the likes of Bronski Beat, the Art of Noise, Telex, Anything Box + the Heaven 17. Then we’ll spend some time exploring the modern descendants like Stephin Merritt, Hot Chip, Goldfrapp, Little Dragon, and the like. But I digress…

Here’s what we have planned…

Re-enact the Chopsticks scene from the film Big with our giant keyboard!* We’ll put it on the stage for you to stomp on to your heart’s content.
* – (It looks giant on Amazon, but it’s for kids so probably not as large as a whale, more of a dolphin or porpoise)

Our cake master pal will be creating a concoction of to tickle your ebonies and your ivories. Expect chocolate.

STOP MAKING SYNTHS (actually, please don’t)
Your faithful DJs Gordon + Nathaniel Gloom will unleash their collections of synthpop onto the dancefloor. You’ll dance with tears in your eyes to Midge Ure, sleep in Metropolis with Anne Clark, count anything and everything in large amounts with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore, and ride the Metro with Terri Nunn. We won’t stop for anything (except for a cake cunningly conceive to appear like a synthesizer).

Feeling Gloomy
The Party That Brings a Tear to Your Eye
with DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom
Sat 21st May at the Grand Victory
+ 3rd Saturdays every month
@ Grand Victory, 245 Grand St
betw. Driggs & Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford / G to Lorimer
11pm – 4am
Dress to depress

Tickets: $6 door

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