Jackpot! Jamaican edition feat. Misbehaviour, Scratch Famous, Lil’ Jerk, Still Life & $¢

Saturday, February 7
10:00 pm


1332 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11216



Saturday, Feb 7th

Jackpot! loft series number…shit I lost count at this point

Jamaican edition!

vintage island sounds all night, from Ska to Dancehall, Rocksteady to Reggae, Dub to Digital


Scratch Famous
Jeremy is is the founder of Deadly Dragon soundsystem and alongside SelectorJD runs the record shop of the same name. Thee place to find ska/reggae/dancehall rarities, and naturally because he’s a dealer Jeremy has one of the best a raerist collections in the game. Don’t test! Has been putting on some great shows too. Always keeping busy and very happy to have him share his sounds.

Trish just celebrated DJing 25 years recently! From the other side of the pond, but we won’t hold that against her, at least not too much 😉 Deep crates in a number of funky genres and resident at the Central Park roller disco, and more recently at the Mobile Mondays parties. She does the killing, y’all do the burying nuff said

Lil’ Jerk
Yana has been throwing swingin’ dance parties around the LES and brooklyn for a minute, sometimes with her partner Popwell. They were killing at the last Jackpot! with Jonno with Ready Steady Go-Go. She’s OG with the ska and rocksteady, down to the docs and fred perrys.

Still Life
Stephen has his hands in a number of tings, whether at Strut rekkids during the day or spinning records all around this town. Hosted Worldwide Smash on EVR for a number of years until they stopped broadcasting recently, and keeping busy in the studio with edits and original productions. Jackpot resident since day one! Stupidly good DJ.

a dude with a few rekkids. Hence this party. WFMU host for a semi-long minute now. Also has his hand in a few other tings, No Parking on the Dancefloor, BMIR at Burning Man, and some more on the horizon…

The Kymberle Project
1332 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
$5 measly dollars all night