JONATHAN TOUBIN’s weekly rock’n’soul vinyl dance! SHAKIN’ ALL OVER with a French twist!

Friday, November 20
10:30 pm


131 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002



JONATHAN TOUBIN is back from his Australian tour and ready to rumble. As many of you know New York Night Train’s conductor is in love with Paris. Not only does he frequently play in the city of light but its 60s music have been omnipresent in his DJ sets since the beginning. Like you, he has a heavy heart and is having a lot of trouble coming to terms with last Friday’s tragedy. Thus, this week’s edition will not only include the usual flaming American rock’n’soul 45s, but they’ll be paired with superb French 60s bangers. French and American side by side – as its been since the beginning. Lets get DUTRONC-ED! Tonight isn’t only a tribute to Paris and France and its great 60s rock’n’roll but also hopefully a soulful and cathartic release. Viva la France!

get on board New York Night Train’s
45rpm 1950s/1960s vinyl “maximum rock’n’soul” dance party!
with Friday resident dj JONATHAN TOUBIN
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 10:30pm – 4am
$5 (FREE before 11pm)

JONATHAN TOUBIN was just awarded “BEST DJ” in the 60th Anniversary “BEST OF NYC” 2015 “VILLAGE VOICE” issue!

SHAKIN’ ALL OVER UNDER SIDEWAYS DOWN! JONATHAN TOUBIN and the finest 45rpm vinyl DJs from around the world bring New York Night Train’s trademark “MAXIMUM ROCK’N’SOUL” get down party excitement to HOME SWEET HOME every FRIDAY for over seven years! The most exciting original 1950s and 1960s POMPADOUR, PROCESS, BEEHIVE, AND SHAG seven-inch vinyl turned for dirty dancing ’til 4AM! Rhythm and Blues! Girl Groups! Raw Soul! Rockabilly! Electric Blues! Garage! Doo Wop! Surf! British Invasion! Dance Crazes! Mad Mike Monsters! Las Vegas Grinders! Nuggets! Pebbles! Unsung Heroes of Rock’n’Roll! The Old Weird America! The restless railroad beat of supreme early rock and roll rotating all night long in all of its sleek black vinyl sexyness for your shakin’ all over pleasure! No hits! No computers! No CDJs! None of the usual! All wild! All fresh! All extraordinary! All timeless! All killer! All night! A consistently unique alternative to the rest… EVERY WEEK!… and… FUN!!!

Ask your local record store for Jonathan Toubin’s LP compilations on Norton Records and his tapes on Burger Records!

“We might live in an EDM world, but Jonathan Toubin has no truck with today’s musical whims. Since 2007, Toubin’s Soul Clap and Dance-Off has brought throwback pizzazz and retro cool to New York’s late-night underground. Culled from an endless array of long-forgotten Sixties soul singles, Soul Clap is pure musical dynamite, the kind of after-hours party that exposes today’s iTunes-bred, press-play DJs for their relative lack of roots and ingenuity. No fist-bumps or atomic bass drops here; instead, Toubin lovingly crafts five-hour sets that bring lost chestnuts from the likes of Vernon Harrell and the Blendells into clearer focus for a new generation of dance enthusiasts. You can try to put your moves to better use, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find more cathartic, sweatier fun elsewhere in the city.” (Village Voice, 60th Anniversary “Best of NYC” 2015 issue)

“Jonathan Toubin is a multihypenate in every sense of the word… Toubin fuses obscure rhythm and blues from the ’50s and ’60s, with rock ‘n’ roll and soul 45s. His ongoing New York Night Train parties easily draw those typically found sulking in corners of bars out onto the dance floor.” (Interview Magazine 2015)

Jonathan is pretty much the only DJ we actually like.” (VICE Magazine, 2014)

“Particularly chic… one of the most popular spinners in Williamsburg and the founder of the New York Night Train dance parties. His fare is already cleaner and more appreciative of American pop music history than much of the rest.” (NY Times, 2013)

“The most-liked man in the soul music scene” (Rolling Stone, 2012)

“Indeed, Toubin’s 45 r.p.m. record-fueled, rock-and-soul heavy dance parties were some of the best, sweatiest nights we’ve had in this city.” (Gothamist, 2011)

“Jonathan Toubin is the only person we can call a “professional DJ” without involuntarily making a jack-off motion with our hand… His parties are like what Ancient Stonehenge was like if it was, as archaeologists theorize, filled with people dressed many times better than you completely losing their shit.” (VICE, 2010)

“I’m not one of the Schmucks who will lament over New York not being “what it used to be”, but I will say that we’re not fans of this dismal wasteland of Eurotrash tourists and guidos with polo shirts unbuttoned down to their navels grinding to the repetitive pounding of bad electro… Enter Jonathan Toubin, and his simple-yet-visionary approach to revamping the entire lanscape of New York and Brooklyn from midnight till the after hours. His New York Night Train parties have become stuff of sheer legend do to the simple fact that Toubin actually seems to care about what he is producing. His meticulous approach has paid off quite handsomely as pretty much each and every party with the Jonathan Toubin stamp on it seems to be the biggest party going on for that given night.” (Impose Magazine, 2009)

“New York Night Train’s Jonathan Toubin throws the raddest underground rock parties in New York” (Paper Magazine, 2008)

“The mid-’60s to early-’70s r &b and funk will have you dancing with the stars.” (Village Voice “Voice Choices” 2007)

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