LOUISAHHH!!! (Album Release Party) + Lauren Flax + Young Male + Beto Cravioto and Lloydski

Friday, September 18
10:00 pm


98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222



PopGun Presents…

LOUISAHHH!!! (Album Release Party!)
Lauren Flax
Young Male (White Material)
Beto Cravioto (Kaviar Disco Club)

Lloydski in the Bad Room

Tickets– $10 first release / $15 second release / $20 door

Louisahhh!!! is releasing her new album at Good Room on September 18.

Raised in an atmosphere bursting with passion for music, LOUISAHHH!!! (born Louisa Pillot) started singing and playing instruments at an early age before discovering a passion for DJing. Starting at age 17, sneaking into New York City clubs with fake IDs, LOUISAHHH!!! has since honed a style that is hard but deep, tough but tender.

A fateful meeting of French techno wonderkind, Brodinski spiraled into a fast friendship and eventual collaboration for Brodinski’s young label,Bromance Records. With ‘Let The Beat Control Your Body’ and ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’ becoming peak-time anthems, and explosive vocal collaborations in the realms of both deep house and new techno. She’s now ready to release her own music into the world.

C//TY CLUB’s Lauren Flax will be on warm up vibes, plus Tiki Disco’s Lloydski playing all night long in the Bad Room.