I Love Vinyl with DJ Scribe/ Amir Abdullah/ OP!/ Jon Oliver/ Shawn Dub

Saturday, January 10
10:00 pm


74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249



DJ Scribe
Amir Abdullah
Jon Oliver
Opuruiche Miller
Shawn Dub
Our brooklyn home at TBA Brooklyn is still temporarily closed. So the party will be at Output again, in the Stilton House room. Separate entrance on N 12th.

I Love Vinyl was founded in the Summer of 2009 by six seasoned djs hailing from NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, and beyond. They had a dream of carving out a sacred space for the music they love and a shared belief in its power. They would play vinyl only because something about that felt special to them, and they bet they weren’t the only ones… There were a few more ground rules. This is how it would work. This is how it would go down: All of the available residents would play every party together. No headliner. No “draw”. Just the music, and the way it’s played.

The wager paid off.

The clubgoing denizens of NYC showed up and made the dream a reality. The parties were equal parts therapy session, history lesson, homecooked meal, and cosmic journey. The music was deep, far-reaching, and always different. And the crowd was unusually diverse, unpretentious, and just downright nice. Everyone was welcome, and truly seemed to feel that way. And so the word spread. The party sprouted a second home in Brooklyn. Then a third in Amsterdam. Special events were held at cultural institutions from Lincoln Center to Celebrate Brooklyn, plus museums, colleges, and more. A podcast was born and continues to grow…

Places and Spaces:
http://ilovevinyl.official.fm/ (live party mixes)

I Love Vinyl Radio:

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