Metropolitan’s 12th Anniversary Party

Thursday, November 20
8:30 pm


559 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



We started it all in what was little old Williamsburg 12 years ago, and we’re going stronger than ever! Let’s do our 12th birthday up right, and get twisted together!

DJ’s David Sokolowski and Eugene Tambourine will be supplying you with music all night long.

We have a few special gangbuster performances throughtout the night by:
~Alotta McGriddles
~Untitled Queen
~Aja Marie (Winner of Miss Metropolitan 2014)

There might even be an open vodka bar at some point of the evening. Hmm. Possibly. Maybe…shhhhh

The fun starts at 8:30pm with Alotta Stuff!!! Live Auction
hosted by Alotta McGriddles & Thorgy Thor.
This is an amazing time every time. We guarantee you fun!
Out of the Closet Thrift Stores sponsors the auction, with all items being modeled by drag stars Ladyy Havokk, Untitled Queen, and Pusse Couture. There are boys clothes, girls clothes, jackets, accessories, just about everything!

After Alotta Stuff, our anniverary bash gets under way….