Mister Sunday: Opening Day

Sunday, May 24
3:00 pm


31st St, Brooklyn, NY 11232





Enough waiting! We’ve finally got our ducks in a row for this summer and are very very happy to let you know that starting today, we’ll be back in the courtyard between the big ol’ hundred-something-year-old buildings at Industry City. Everything’s pretty much how we left it: a nice, big dancefloor flanked by birch trees; a Country Boys taco stand; and lots of space to let loose (and let your kids loose, if you are so inclined).

Of course Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter will be on hand to keep the music fresh.

This year we’ll also have food from a new spot called Nowadays. They’ll have good, fresh stuff for our veggie and vegan friends and, for those of you that like-a the meat, the best burger we’ve had in a real long time. (Also for the omnivores, Ends Meat is serving up pulled pork on opening Sunday.)

Speaking of opening Sunday, it’s ALWAYS mas popular. We can’t overstress how good of an idea it is to get a ticket in advance. We keep a tight rein on capacity to make sure everyone inside is comfortable, so it’s almost sure we’ll sell out. Once that happens, the only people that can get in are the ones with tickets. We really don’t want anyone who wants to be dancing inside to be stuck standing on a line outside. (Just so you know, after Memorial Day Weekend, things will probably calm down, so ticket-buying won’t be quite as imperative. We’ll keep you posted.)

Okee dokee. That’s all we’ve got for now. Looking forward to dancing outside with you again!