Mondo Indie Dance Party: Mondo Forever Edition!

Saturday, September 19
11:00 pm


93 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



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Dear Dance Floor Dreamers:

We’ve played thousands and thousands of songs, shuffled our feet for days, crossed the boroughs from Manhattan to Brooklyn, hosted tons of indie pop luminaries and discovered in all of you a community with great taste, open hearts and above all, a willingness to let loose and dance. And now it’s time for us to say goodbye.

It’s impossible to express our fondness for all of you and how many surprises and how much joy you’ve brought us over Mondo’s eleven years. So we hope you’ll join us one last time in rushing onto the floor, singing along, sweating it out and raising our fists to all of the songs that we love. For this Mondo finale, we’re adding an extra hour so come early to catch some of the more obscure favorites of ours and hang out as we warm up into the big, booming last hours of New York’s longest running indie pop dance party!

In the meantime, check out interviews with us in issue #2 of Expansionista ‘zine:

And on Atypical Beats:

Also, Mondo: The Documentary is happening and the crew will be shooting at the last party. Check them out here:

What are some of your favorite Mondo memories? Make any new friends at Mondo over the years? What would you most love to dance to at our finale? Post your thoughts on the wall!

Mondo Forever,
Kevington, Miss Modular & Dr. Maz

PS… no crying on the dance floor 😉

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Miss Modular, Kevington and Dr. Maz spin Indie Rock & Pop, Brit Pop, Post-Punk, Swedish pop, Girl Groups and more!

Cameo Gallery
93 North 6th Street (Williamsburg)
11:00 pm – 4 am
$5 Cover / $3 Reduced List