Mondo Indie Dance Party: The Penultimate Edition!

Saturday, August 1
11:45 pm


93 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



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Attention all Mondos:
It’s hard to believe but we’re nearing the end of our eleven year adventure into indie pop! All of you have made Mondo an incredible, surprising and touching trip through two boroughs, thousands of songs, so many hours of dancing, friendships made, kisses shared and, importantly, bands discovered. So, come and celebrate some of Mondo’s greatest hits through the years. How about some Long Blondes? How about some Fosca? How about Patrick Wolf and Jens Lekman and Kill City? How about Suburban Kids With Biblical Names? How about Elastica and Baxendale, Shirley Ellis, the Julie Ruin, the Radio Dept.? Come help us dig through the years and dance it out one second to last time!

What are your all time favorite Mondo jams? What song do you remember dancing to most? What bands did you discover through Mondo? Post your picks on the wall!

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JOIN this event for reduced entry — just $3 !

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Miss Modular, Kevington and Dr. Maz spin Indie Rock & Pop, Brit Pop, Post-Punk, Swedish pop, Girl Groups and more!

Cameo Gallery
93 North 6th Street (Williamsburg)
11:30 pm – 4 am
$5 Cover / $3 Reduced List


*Mondo Top Ten For August*

01) Tanlines – Slipping Away
02) The Spook School – Burn Masculinity
03) Lusts – Mouthwash
04) The School – All I Want From You Is Everything
05) Belle and Sebastian – Two Birds
06) Summer Camp – Bad Love
07) Roman à Clef – PSBTV
08) The Chandler Estate – Spies
09) Failed Flowers – Summer Vacation
10) A Projection – Young Days