Particularly Random

Saturday, September 12
10:00 pm


236 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237



a dance party in the back room at TANDEM

with DJs:

Eugene Tambourine

Porkchop (SSPS, Black Label)

DJ Dirtyfinger (Gold Whistle, Black Label)

Lazer Disco, Sex Jamz, Jacking Sounds.

Lights, Fog, DANCING.

always free / always fun / cum & meet someone

Tandem Bar Brooklyn NYC
236 Troutman BK, 21+

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Particularly Random is a dance party held on the second Saturday every month in the back room of Tandem Bar Brooklyn NYC. Expect the best in dance music in all genres related to Disco, New Wave, Post Punk, Industrial Dance, EBM, House, Jakbeat, Rock and Roll, Electro, Punk, R&B, World, Synthiszer, Oldies, Funk, Soul, Cosmic Disco, Classics, Private Remixes, Acid, Tribal, Underground, Techno, future, primitive, pulsing, peaks, valleys, linear mixing and non linear mixing.

You know how we’ve been doing it back in that room for the last 6+ years. ALL OF THIS FIERCENESS FOR FREE!!! COME ON OUT PARTY PEOPLE!!! ALL ARE WELCOME!!!