The Party by Ostbahnhof NYC

Friday, March 25
8:00 pm


2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237



Music by


MIKE SERVITO (The Bunker New York | Brooklyn)

Christy Love (Get Up Recordings | NYC)

SPRKLBB (The Party by Ostbahnhof NYC | Brooklyn)


With performances by Johnny Magee (8PM!) and Olympia Bukkakis

Featuring Artist Rachael Senchoway (Riot Art Gallery)

This night is sure to scandalize, shock, and ensure the (r)Evolution! The Party by OSTBAHNHOF creates a wildly radical, yet innately safe space for people of all identities to exercise self-expression, celebrate art, reject gender norms, embrace sexuality and most importantly feel accepted in our collective weirdness. Society’s prescribed norms can weigh on us as heavy chains, even metastasizing social ills, but really they are just artificial constructs. We believe that through the kineticism of radical performance, rave culture, electronic music and all forms of art, we can free ourselves from the antiquated and institutionalized formulas that bind us. At the very least, The Party by OSTBAHNHOF challenges us to consider alternatives, and in the process we can guarantee partaking in a ridiculously good time with performances from some of our most extraordinarily talented fellow human beings.

The Party by OSTBAHNHOF is an international party series that connects the outrageously authentic underground music and arts scenes across the world. Inspired by the Berlin party and performance art scene, OSTBAHNHOF resurrects the prolific Vaudevillian/Cabaret acts of yesteryear and combines with radical queer politics and elements of rave culture (namely, cutting-edge House music).

A leading force in the evolutionary radical queer movement, The Party by OSTBAHNHOF is “queer” in all definitions of the term… designed for anyone who is open to discovering their weirdness and is mutually respecting of others’. No matter what sexual or gender identity you hold or don’t hold, this party brings all people together. Why stratify when we can unify? That is the beauty of the movement blossoming in Berlin today—and it’s time for NYC to join the new era, ushering in a vision for nightlife that is greater than the sum of the two cities: Berlin Krass meets New York Sass. NYC hasn’t seen a party like this since the 1980’s.

Our vision for partying is also one that gives back to the community. A portion of all The Party by OSTBAHNHOF profits will benefit local, like-minded charitable organizations. Moreover, if you show up before 10PM, you can pay $10 at the door. Advance ticket sale purchases are still recommended if you plan to show up later, but we wanted to make our event more econimically accessible. As always, if you really can’t afford to pay anything, please get in touch with us. Thanks!