Penguin Prison (DJ Set w/ Live Vocals), Air Zaire (DJ Set), Speakerbot

Friday, December 12
11:30 pm


289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211




Penguin Prison (DJ Set w/ Live Vocals)

Penguin Prison’s irresistibly quirky sound resides somewhere between the likes of Hot Chip, Hall and Oates, Ultravox, Wham and the Jackson 5. Born and raised in Manhattan, the mecca of musical endeavors, Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison has never been short of inspiration. Raised on a healthy diet of Michael Jackson, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, Nat King Cole, Nirvana and Weezer, he soon began to channel such influences, and feeding them into his own musical meanderings, that led him toward a sound that combines classic influences of pop, soul and rock and roll.

“It’s about being human, thinking too much and wishing that you didn’t have to”. Ironically enough, when listening to his music, thinking too much isn’t an issue at all, for the integrity of his sublimely addictive music absolutely justifies the chaos in his sound. The combination of his upbeat pop sensibility, contrasted with his dark, devious and downright sarcastic lyrics, results in an almost animalistic urge in the listener to simply keep on listening, over and over again. You have been warned. “I feel like I can do any type of music. But now I’m taking all my influences from different genres and trying to put them altogether in one sound”.

Soon you will also get a taste of Penguin Prison’s textured re-imaginings of other well known, up and coming artists, with remixes of Marina & the Diamonds ‘I Am Not A Robot’,Erik Hassle’s ‘Hurtful’ and Golden Silvers’ ‘True Romance’, all true testaments towards PP’s production skills and trademark sound, providing an exciting glimpse into what’s to come with more of his own original productions coming very soon in 2010.

With influences spanning from Wu-Tang to Quincy Jones and Curbs’ own Larry David (yes, you read that right), this witty pop-pioneer is currently working in the studio on his debut album, recording mostly on analogue equipment, collaborating on tracks with various musicians including Crispin Hunt (formerly of the Longpigs), spending half his time recording in London with Dan Grech-Marguerat and New York City with fellow city dwellers Holy Ghost! The result, is a sound so ridiculously infectious, that you really shouldn’t have to think about his music too much, although you probably will. So be prepared to riddle yourself silly for references to a sound that you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s fun, it’s refreshing, and you’ll damned if you can’t stop listening to it.

Air Zaire (DJ Set)

Less than a year after moving to Brooklyn, Air Zaire (aka Adam Santucci) has earned a spot among the who’s who of upcoming producers following the success of his infectious original releases “All For You” and “Play.”

Instant hits on the decks and off, the singles prove the South Florida native’s worth as a musician outside of the DJ booth. With support from Zimmer, Satin Jackets, Le Youth and outlets such as Time Out (NY), Brooklyn Exposed, Indie Shuffle and LaGaSta, his tropical-infused beats show great promise for 2013. In addition to playing alongside game changers such as The Martinez Brothers, Footprintz and Justin Miller in 2012, Air Zaire also released a slew of mixtapes along the way, all of which have received utmost praise by listeners worldwide.


Speakerbot is the robot-DJ alias of New Jersey’s Aashish Bansal. Aash has been producing his own blend of deep house, disco, and funk for the last 6 years and can be found playing his eclectic mix for crowds in house parties, venues, and festivals all over the Northeast. Backed by an incredible stage presence and almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things electronic, his shows are an engaging dance party that is sure to get any crowd moving.
Are you ready to get robotic?