Release the Beast

Friday, March 6
11:00 pm


245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Tell your maw, tell your paw, RELEASE THE BEAST is fast becoming our favorite night of the month. Every first Friday, DJs Brian Blackout and Doctor Mister bring you a heady mix of music from before the dawn of the age of the machines. Our robot overlords had yet to conceive of the world in 4/4 time, and yet still, primitive man made tunes with his bare hands, nary a sampler, drum machine, or arpeggiator in sight.

What primitive dance forms can you find in the murky shadows? Brawny arena rock will brush shoulders with muscly-armed disco, sinewy funk, soul will shout, pscyh will shimmer, and we’ll all get a little more in touch with our inner beasts.

Brian Blackout (Head On, YDH2S)
Doctor Mister (Feeling Gloomy, YDH2S)

———————-> soul
============> funk
——————–> psych
===========> glam
———————> prog
=======> arena rock
& muscly-armed disco

Friday, March 6th @ the Grand Victory
(& every first Friday)
245 Grand Street, Williamsburg, BK
L to Bedford, G to Lorimer
11pm til 4am
ain’t no cover.