Remedy with Tin Man

Friday, September 18
11:59 pm


906 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11206



“… Tin Man never celebrates or condones the austere world his music evokes. It just is. He’s content there; he gets it. There are still drugs to take, sex to have, and music to dance to.” — Anomalous LA

Remedy welcomes modern acid master Tin Man for a night of disorienting harmonies, numbing melodies, and hypnotic rhythms. With unmatched sophisticated and an ever-evolving sound palette, Tin Man will lure you between house, techno, and ambient like a fragile, lucid dream. Tin Man’s live sets are standalone—impulsive, strange, chilling, and beautiful.

Remedy invites you to become part of the visceral experience. Can you pass the acid test?

Ticket info coming soon.

Tin Man photo by Christiano Tekirdali,