Rinsed: Coke Yacht

Saturday, August 29
7:00 pm


Brooklyn, NY (see description for address)

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In 2014, Coke Yacht spiraled out of control…

Last year, more money was spent on yachts than any other year in history. Not just anyone was buying them; politicians, natural resource heirs, and the world’s elite were gobbling them up with reckless abandon. Cocaine was being consumed on these yachts at a remarkable 25x the international average. Erectile dysfunction, anorexia, sleep deprivation and bad breath were at a 45 year high.

So we took action. We threw the first Cocaine Yacht Awareness Benefit (known colloquially as ‘Coke Yacht’) to raise support. And raise support we did; NY Magazine named Coke Yacht one of “the city’s most over the top parties,” which is an excellent start, but this summer, we’re looking to go one step further and end coke yacht for good.

On May 30, we threw the summer’s first benefit and believe it or not,Coke Yacht GOT WORSE!

So we’re trying one more time. August 29th we get this right. We’ll play jams that have been on blast since Whitney met Bobby to prove that you don’t need drugs to get freaky on a yacht. We’ll also feature some very special musical performances that high people would never have the ambition to choreograph. Sound will be reinforced and crystal clear.

Tickets are limited…

Boards at 7- Sails at 8 – Lands at 11 – Afterparty till LATE

Circle Line Cruises
West 42nd Street; New York, NY 10011; United States