RTB – Brian Blackout All NIght Long

Friday, September 4
11:00 pm


245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Brian Blackout is back from a sojourn down West Virginia’s airwaves, but we’re minus Doctor Mister this week, so Brian Blackout is going to be spinning all night long. While we’re at it, Release the Beast’s raison d’être – a heady mix of music that usually predates the drum machines and arpeggiators that rule so much of our lives nowadays – is going to chill out in the backseat for a bit this month.

Things will still start in the familiar territory of soul, funk, prog, hard rock and muscly-armed disco, but as to where things could end up, I really don’t know. A Smiths singalong? An italo disco workout? It might be that some of those synthesizers slide their way up into our consciousness and wiggle their way onto the dancefloor. It could be that the ones and zeroes will have some digital beast in them for one night only. With summer looking long in the tooth, it’s time for drastic measures.

So if you’re finding yourself in town for Labor Day and looking for somewhere to hang out with the best bartenders in Brooklyn, grab a few cheap drinks and let loose, then Friday is your night.

Brian Blackout (Head On, Feeling Gloomy, YDH2S)

(but starting with a good base of)
———————-> soul
============> funk
——————–> psych
===========> glam
———————> prog
=======> arena rock
& muscly-armed disco

Friday, September 4th @ the Grand Victory
245 Grand Street, Williamsburg, BK
L to Bedford, G to Lorimer
11pm til 4am
no cover.