Rubulad Presents: Pee-Wee’s Playhouse of Horrors!

Saturday, October 31
9:00 pm


Brooklyn, NY



Music by

Rubulad Presents

on Saturday, October 31

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse of Horrors!

with live music by:
Les Sans Culottes
The Yeahtones (feat. Members of EMEFE)
with your emcee: Tanya Solomon as “Meka Hiny Ho”
and your DJs
Ol’ Stark
and frenemies

with very special guest:
Cartoon Carnival by The King of Cartoons, Tommy Jose Stathés

U-Craft-It Costumes with Pee Wee and Miss Yvonne
Al Gori’s Homespun Merry-Go-Round
G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest
Light Circus Extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur
Indescribable acts and rude surprises!

Secret location near the Jefferson L stop to be revealed here:

It’s Halloween – wear a costume (extra credit for Pee-Wee characters )!

10 bones before 10:00 or way late (after 2am); 20 bones otherwise. Advance tickets guarantee your admission here: available starting Thurs. Oct. 22

9:00 pm doors; 10:00 pm show. pls. have I.D. that says you’re 21. Rubulad rules apply. Smoking outdoors pls. This event will be done around 4am so come out early!

Please forward wildly.

Today’s secret word is: fun!

A happy and horror-ful Halloween from your Rubulad!