Veronica Vasicka / Sharegroove / Soft Rocks

Friday, May 8
10:00 pm


98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222



Bad Room presents


Soft Rocks
+ Sharegroove residents
Djs Duckcomb & Shakewell

Soft Rocks are four Brighton-based DJs and producers with a relaxed attitude to copyright law. Their first record was notable for predating current re-edit mania by some years in 2003 and they set up two sister labels; Disco Powerplay and Chocolate Love for edits, whilst Soft Rocks Recordings focuses mainly on original(ish) material. Remixes have trickled in for the likes of Lo Motion Disco, MGMT, Disco Sessions & Chris Coco,

Soft Rocks have dj’ed at clubs, festivals and parties across Europe. Finally a few more people seem to be picking up the hint that they don’t just play downtempo weird nonsense and tailfeathers have been seen a shakin’ to their heady mix of disco, house, boogie, leftfield jams, reggae and other oddities.