the Skint presents PJs ‘n DJs

Saturday, December 27
10:00 pm


702 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215




December’s rapidly dropping temperatures, mixed with comfort food binges, make us city folk yearn for the very second we can get home, drop trow and put on our stretchy pants, wrapped in a blanket like a bedroom shaman. Thankfully the PJs ’n DJs party requires you merely leave the house; everything else, down to the wardrobe, remains the same.

Warm up to PJs ’n DJs, a holiday party where you can celebrate in comfort. YDH2S DJs Brian Blackout and Doctor Mister will be spinning hot year-end tunes from 2014, and indie and electropop from the last 15 years. If the mood doesn’t shake the winter blues, the attire will: Guests are encouraged to wear fuzzy slippers and oversized Chicago Bulls championship T-shirts from 1992—you know, sleep clothes, but for the purposes of doing the opposite. This isn’t a sleepover, though… it’s a free party to bridge the post-Christmas/Chanukkah blahs and New Year’s excesses. And with the new year almost upon us, let’s give it one last rockin’ hurrah!