This Party Is Killing You: Robynsgiving, AKA The Last Robyn Party

Friday, November 28
11:30 pm


289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Music by


Let’s give thanks to Robyn one last time in 2014…possibly one final time forever as Glasslands will be closing at the end of this year. We’re on the look out for a new space but haven’t yet found anything that’s as perfect and so we can’t make any promises.

Please come celebrate everything Robyn one last time with us. We love you.

Yeah, you thought our September part was our last #RobynParty for 2014. Surprise! This is the last one. Possibly forever. #sad

ADVENTURE[s] loves you, so we’re giving you one last Robyn party before Glasslands closes. #RIP

Come shake off the Thanksgiving leftovers and say THANK YOU BASED ROBYN as ADVENTURE[s] (Cherry Magdalene, a place both wonderful and strange & Choyce HACKS!) drops one last night of Robyn, Robyn, Robyn, swedish pop music goodness and oh yeah MOAR ROBYN.

JUST ANNOUNCED: ths party will feature viz by PARIS, aka the official NYC Pride VJ, aka the VJ for CHER, aka THE ROBYN PARTY VJ.

Feelin like you indulged a little too much on Thanksgiving? Looking for something to do after the fam has left? Trying to party all day?

You and us together, Stars4Ever.

THIS IS GONNA BE YOUR LAST ROBYN PARTY FOR QUITE SOME TIME, so come say goodbye to Glasslands Gallery with Adventure[s] and oh, yeah, you might wanna CALL YOUR GIRLFRIEND.


Black Friday rate: $5 online or at the door.


This party ALWAYS sells out.

Cyber Monday bragging rights: priceless