Thunder Gumbo XXVIII: Cult of the Sacred Cowboy

Friday, June 26
10:00 pm


17 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY 11206



A volunteer-produced fundraiser party for the legendary Thunder Gumbo art car and its to-be-infamous trip to Burning Man 2015!

Presale tickets $15 / $20 / $25:
Door (if available): $25 in costume, before 11p, or after 4a
Volunteers + artists:

With three stages of music, a healer’s area, a silent disco, outdoor smoking area, a roving brass band, tribal bass, giant puppets, big breaks, art everywhere, cult recruitment rituals, live country music, and way more! Join us and follow our gurus, cow-wranglers, ascended masters, ranch-hands, and Goddess circles as we channel Buffalo Bill Cody and John Wayne while chanting Hare Krishna, taking ceremonial whiskey shots, and twerking our prayers with subwoofers, sage, and fog machines, through the spirit of the Pony Express to the ghost riders in the sky…

***FREE ADMISSION*** if you join the cult by letting us shave your head at the door.

10-11~ Reaganomics (Bembe / Rubulad)
11-12~ Beatkitty (Icarus / Wonderland)
12-1~ Tim The Enchanter (Vitamin B)
1-2:30~ YENTALBEATS (Future Soul Music / Reflect the Light)
2:30-3:30: 2Melo (Junxion / Cumba Mela)
3:30-5~ Illexxandra (Rubulad, Vitamin B) b2b Shakey (Rubulad, Warper)
5-6~Subset (Bassment Saturdays)

Projection mapped centerpieces, giant cacti, tumbleweeds, by Ben Devoe, Rhizome NYC, Bruce Beese, Taylor Browning, and Laura Notini!

10-11:30~ Wally Whatever (Rat Camp / Future Soul Music)
11:30-12:30~ Casey Skodnek (Junxion / Bembe)
12:30-1:30~ Shisaa (Vitamin B)
1:30-1:45~THE DEATH OF THE SACRED COWBOY (bloodbath)
1:45-3:00~ DirtyFinger (Black Label / Saturdazed)
3:00-4:30~ Joro Boro (WorldWide) b2b PartyFoul 5000™ (Thunder Gumbo / Shhhhhhhhhh™)
4:30-6~ The Thunder Gumbo Country Western All Star Band, led by Prerry Dawg, with special guest appearances by Matt Namer, Ben Devoe, Brent Wellington Barker, George Brook Gay III, and other luminaries!

Veils, illusions, smoke, mirrors, altars, and other sensual delights crafted by Samuel, Steffi, & Mary of Future Clear and a sacred space crafted by Wolf Bukiet (Empire Fire Collective) and Thunder Gumbo’s very own Breathe!

in the SILENCE IS A VIRTUE silent disco stage, there will be two channels of live DJ’s!
10-12~ Samuel (Equilibrio) vs. Justin Dream (Sunday Paper)
12-1:30~ Friar Tuck (DIsorient) vs. Fred Handle (Figment)
1:30-3:00~ Tr[otter] (Otter Box, BangOn) vs. Rasta 4 Eyes (Warper)
A third channel will feature the ambient stylings of the Partyfoul 5000™ Country Krisnas Laid Back Low Down Mix!

*Aspirational Authenticity
*Shamanic Capitalism
*Belonging in Togetherness
*Sacred Appropriation
*Manifesting Western Abundance

Death of the Sacred Cowboy at 1:30 AM!
Two full stages of the best DJ’s in West Bushwick
Silent Disco stage with one channel playing country hits and monastic chanting all night!
Giant Projection-Mapped Cosmic Cowboy Main Stage by Rhizome NYC
A visit from the Sacred Cowboy, legendary master of cowboy yoga, who can hold hold his poses for hours, the sacred guru, so stoic he never speaks.
Lasers and shit by “Billy Eyeholes” from Vitamin B
Giant Earth Mama Cowgirl Puppetry by imnotlost studios
LED Dragon Puppets & Ritual Cleansing by Entity Sam
Cuddle Puddle by Rachel Eisley
“Tribal” Bellydance by Tanya Everywhere
Pole dance by Crystelle Reola
Video installation by Valeria de la Pava
Bodypainting by Kirkworx, Christian Diaz, & Trotter
Organic jewelry by Body Constellations / Tara Gavin
Tantric Leaf Blower Massage by George Brook Gay III
Spaced Out Belongingness Cuddle Zone by Cuddle Puddle NYC / Rachel Eisley
Geodesic DJ Dome by Archimedes Designs
Free “drink our kool-aid” jello shots
Performance of the ancient rites of the Tumbleweed and the Rattlesnake
Cult recruitment and energy work by Molly Levine, Grace Yang, Kat Sto, Wolf Bukiet, Manny Davis, and more!
Georgio Carpet, the legendary Human Carpet
Pamphleting, recruitment workshops, networking about Your New Life
Grotesque and magnificent burlesque
Group Belonging Exercises
Earplugs, Condoms, and safety advice from Dancesafe

Even surprising to us.

All white, flowing orange robes, 55 gallon hat, Rival Cult Members with pamphlets, Sacred East meets Wild West, Dalai Parton, Many-armed gunslinger bandits, Bindi Buckaroo, Holding wide open space, Tom Cruise, Sacred Appropriation, A lame horse that needs to be shot, Striking railroad workers, Ascended Master of Bull Riding, Drunk Sheriff, a tumble weed, ass-less chaps, cow with orange flowers, Rattlesnake oil salesman, the kool-aid guy (the big red one, not brian jones)

The year is 2055. America has fallen, and the world is chaos. The earth is ruined. The rugged beauty of the American West has been strip mined, scorched, and flooded, leaving a patchwork of dust storms, tumbleweeds, and giant murky lakes in the wake of a post-post-industrial wasteland. Robot-driven trucks carry meat, horses, weapons, and barrels of oil across the ruined earth to stock the compounds of mysterious warlords. Ranch-hands and wranglers have been re-trained as robot mechanics or forced into the beef-pod artificial insemination business.

The spurs, lassos, and chaps of cowboys have become mere fashion trinkets for post-apocalyptic hipsters, and have lost their true sacred meaning. Privileged young people pay top dollar to study under the rodeo gurus, show off their designer 10-gallon hats and pretentiously boast about how they were given a cowboy name after completing the teacher training course. Fashion has won out over function, once and for all.

Yet still, the true believers of the Cult of the Sacred Cowboy honor the legendary spirit of the Wild West in all they do. Dressed in over-sized boots, flowing robes, and the traditional Giant Hat, these cowboys and cowgirls gather every year on Jesus’ Half Birthday in secretive ritual, to hoot, holler, and perform ancient rites, in search of the ideals of the Cult of the Sacred Cowboy, legendary master of cowboy yoga, who can hold hold his pose for hours, the sacred guru, so stoic he never speaks….