Vitamin B Presents About:Face – A Benefit for Illexxandra’s Transition

Friday, March 13
10:00 pm


17 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY 11206



Here’s a personal question: how do you feel about your face? Do you like it? Would you change it if you could? Does it express who you are on the inside?

Now imagine going through your whole life with the wrong face: a face that doesn’t match the person you really are, no matter how much makeup and glitter you put on it, no matter how many times you change your haircut, no matter what you wear below your neck.

This party is about showing your TRUE face: the one you see in the mirror when you turn quickly and catch yourself unawares, the one that paints itself onto your dreams and sketches itself in quick, bold strokes into your fantasies. And in addition to being the usual no-drama, no-bullshit, no-fucking-tech-house good time you’ve come to expect from Vitamin B, it’s also a benefit to help our beloved resident Illexandra show her true face to the world.

Illexxandra is in the process of physically transitioning into the woman she’s always been on the inside. On May 13th she’ll take the final step: undergoing facial reconstruction surgery so idiots on the street stop calling her “sir.”

The surgery costs close to $30k, not including the cost of traveling to Spain for the procedure and professional revenue lost during the multiple month recovery. Lexi’s been saving for this for years and is almost there – but if you love her and treasure her vibrant personality and ass-quaking DJ sets as much as we do, you’ll throw whatever you can to help make her dream come true!

Face-melting tunes by Vitamin B residents:




Tim the Enchanter



Face-changing face-paint by Kirkwirx Dupuis

Face-the-music visuals by VJ Doctor-Mojo

Lasers for your face by DJ LaserFace and Captain FaceShorts

Special guest appearance from DanceSafe: know what you’re putting in your face!

All revenue from this event will go to Lexi for her transition.

$10 – Very limited presale
$15 – Regular presale
$40 – Super Supporter! This gives you entry to the party, plus a brand new Vitamin B t-shirt with re-designed logo. Also you can have your picture taken with Tim the Enchanter (He’s going to love this. He won’t read this far down in the copy so let’s keep it a surprise until the night of the party. Just go up to him and have your picture taken with him. He’s way too polite to stop you)

$20 at the door

For additional donations, I will post a link to Lexi’s fundraising page as soon as it’s live.

You can also donate through the Eventbrite ticket link and we will absorb any processing fees.

Hoopy Hour: $10 entry before midnight with a hoop or other flow toy.

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