Who Is Gloomier Than Teenagers? – Feeling Gloomy NYC’s Sadie Hawkins Dance

Saturday, September 19
11:00 pm


245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211



Summer’s end is nearly here, and everywhere gangs of teenagers have stopped ravaging their local late night establishments’ parking lots and are returning to class. Remember the angst? The unrequited crushes? The stressing over that math midterm? The endless popularity contest? Well we sure do, and frankly it’s high time someone commemorated all these things with a dance party.

We decided to make this a Sadie Hawkins dance party, because Buffy, Dawson, and pretty much every TV show about teenagers had one. Guys, you don’t need to be invited by the girls, but we’ll have a couple ladies choice slow dances so look your best. As a matter of fact we’re going to have a best-dressed contest with a killer prize, and even if you don’t get voted best dressed, we’ll have a photo booth for you to show off your looks – be they high school formal, jocks, cheerleaders, freaks, geeks, goths, whatever, just make it count.

All that, plus Feeling Gloomy DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom will pack the night full of songs about teenage angst and unrequited love. Here are the details:

-We’re giving a signed copy of Leila Sales’ brand new YA novel “Tonight the Streets Are Ours” to the best dressed person or couple-

-The Grand Victory’s little side room will get teenaged up by us and we’ll have a photographer on hand to snap pics. Just remember to hide your braces-

-We’ll be posting two more contests here in coming days that will get you free tickets to the party and other prizes-

+ DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom playing teenaged anthems, songs of angst and unrequited love, plus all your anglophilic faves that you’ll hear every month at Feeling Gloomy

Feeling Gloomy
The Party That Brings a Tear to Your Eye
Sat 19th September at Grand Victory
+ 3rd Saturdays every month
@ Grand Victory, 245 Grand St
betw. Driggs & Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford / G to Lorimer
11pm – 4am
Dress to depress

Tickets: $6 door

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