Zeitgeit presents French Express | Moon Boots / Jonas Rathsman / Perseus / Isaac Tichauer

Saturday, February 21
11:00 pm


54 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249



Moon Boots

Moon Boots entered the world in the mid-1980s via Cape Canaveral. After years of service as the preferred footwear of celebrity astronauts (notably Tom Hanks), Moon Boots came to life during a classified experiment aboard the International Space Station. Little is known of what actually transpired aboard the shuttle, but in short, Moon Boots became a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove.

Before long, he grew tired of working for the space-military-industrial complex and found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records. He knew it was only of matter of time before he was hung up like so many boots before him. He abandoned the program and used his savings to build a studio in an unnamed location, where he is currently working.

Jonas Rathsman

Jonas Rathsman was born in 1980 and raised far from urban vanity, neon lights, and contemporary club culture in a small village in Western Sweden. Music was always central in his adolescence, but his passion for music would come later in life. At the age of 18, after moving to Gothenburg, he started organizing parties and club nights and quickly rose through the ranks of the underground hierarchy of Sweden’s second largest city. Before long he was a household name in town, giving him coveted access to a more seasoned audience. It was during this time that Jonas explored the nuances of the endless genres of club music and decided to up the ante and go into production for himself.
Together with his close friend Fredrik Nyberg, aka DJ Nibc, Jonas started releasing material under the alias Stuffa, which received recognition both on the underground scene in Europe and on mainstream club floors. In 2010 Stuffa released their third official single, “Proof,” on Defected, and it quickly became an anthem of the year in Sweden.

In 2011, Jonas decided to commit further to an intrinsic creative process and explore his music on a more profound level. Most remarkably, he also decided to expose himself to the industry by abandoning all pseudonyms and releasing his work under his own name. The result of this process was his debut EP “Tobago,” which was released on French Express in December 2011. Tobago received massive support both virally and traditionally and was featured on BBC Radio 1 shortly after its release. Tobago has been signed to Defected and will be re-released together with remixes from Mercury, Kidnap Kid and Volta Bureu. In January this year, Jonas and his label mate Perseus created an “Essential Mix” for Pete Tong, who hand picked them as one of BBC Radio 1’s “Future Stars of 2013.” Creative in more ways than one, Jonas is also the co-owner and producer behind the collective and fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated.
Jonas is currently touring in Europe and visiting some of club music´s most prestigious venues. His music is getting better recognized by the day for its organic and playful flair, stimulating vocals, and classic club flow.


Isaac Tichauer

Bound together with oozing soul and moody bass-lines, Isaac Tichauer’s productions splice together classic and contemporary house concepts. A classically trained pianist and heavily influenced by the Detroit house scene, Isaac orchestrates a deep progressive energy in his music through detailed synth work, melancholy vocals and classic lead elements from Rhodes to strings.

In July 2013, Isaac was signed to FRENCH EXPRESS (USA) and debuted with his critically acclaimed full length album, “Devotion”, a release that gave the world a captivating first glance at Isaac’s production muscle and lengthy infatuation with the genre. A compelling first effort for a person born completely deaf and now living with just one working ear.

Continuing his “exploration of classic sounds”, Isaac’s released his club hit “I Forgive You”, and more recently the “Take Over You” EP in May 2013 that saw Isaac’s compositions reach new heights enjoying regular play on BBC Radio One and Triple J Australia.

Now residing in Berlin, Isaac works as a producer full time dedicating his time to a host of brand new productions and continuing his celebrated mixtape series.