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Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You (Le Crayon & Oxford Remix)”

August 28

Australian-by-way-of-Sweden twin sisters Saint Lou Lou released their dreamy little single “Maybe You” on Kitsuné yesterday, a track rich with cloudy synthesizers, foggy low-end pulse and ethereal harmonies, perfect for late night drives and subway rides, or anytime you feel like sinking back into your own personal headspace. But if your mood is leaning more towards the dance floor, this excellent remix by French producers Le Crayon and Oxford should do the trick. They trade in the laid-back haze for a chunky nu-disco groove, upping the energy several notches and spinning the track into a near about-face from the original. A completely different vibe, but still just as good.

Saint Lou Lou’s “Maybe You” is available for download in the Kitsuné webshop, along with this Le Crayon & Oxford remix.

– Spoolwork

August 10


Asphixation – “The Crush”

We’re coming to the close of the 2012 Olympics, and I’m prepping several sets of nation-themed dance music to play at tomorrow night’s party The Midas Touch here in Brooklyn. As soon as I found out I’d be getting to spin some Aussie music, this song leapt to mind. Long a favorite of mine, I don’t think I’ve ever unleashed it on an unsuspecting dancefloor.

By far the standout track on a strange post-punk record entitled What Is This Thing Called ‘Disco,’? “The Crush” is the album’s catchiest and most accessible high point. The track is a lo-fi shamble of a high energy disco romp, hiccuping synth arpeggios taking turns with free jazz saxophone blasts. What really sets this tune apart from similar stuff from the era like the Mo-Dettes is the singer’s disaffected and very Aussie sounding vocal, half-sung and half-spoken, much in the style of early 80’s post-punk.

Though this LP is long out of print, you can find this track on Chapter Music’s killer compilation Can’t Stop It II, along with many other great Australian post-punk songs.

/// Brian Blackout