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I Wanna Be Loved (Space Duke edit)

June 1

Beautiful edit of a song by a certain beloved English singer. You’ll know who it is as soon as the vocals kick in, or you can just look at the tags. One of the lesser known moments of his career and it would fit nicely into a balearic set, or just while enjoying spring turning into summer. Space Duke, from Madrid, specializes in nice, minimal edit work that gives you some nice mixing options, but not too much in the way of extra cruft to the edit, and this one is a textbook example. It’s a free download, and so are many of Space Duke’s other edits, which you can view on his Soundcloud page.

Disco Edits Vinyl Only DJ Steef Edits vol 6

Topless´s Vinyl Pic of the Week – DJ Steef Edits Vol.6

January 9

I promise that this column will not just be disco edits vinyl only releases of edits, but this set of balearic inspired disco edits is making my January just that much warmer in anticipation of the summer. Want a dreamy blast of warm sea air to carry you through? Then this cosmic dream machine should do the trick.

French Fred Berthet aka Copyshop based out of Marseille France has been making collections of edits since 2012 as DJ Steef. And all of them are great. In this latest volume 6, track 1 is beat thumping dance floor igniter with a totally italio influenced synth line and entrancing vocal. Track 2 is total off the Baleares with panning waves of synths rising and falling, Topping off with a sexy soulful vocal, side 1 is AMAZING.

Side 2 winds back up with some tropicalia and a baseline that is unshakeably fun with an intimate whispered vocal that would be so corny if it weren’t so perfectly nestled in the track. Leading out is more synth goodness that makes you wish you were in a hammock chilling out with an umbrella in your drink.

I highly recommend this for the summer to come or better yet now, so you pretend it’s summer in January.

I could´t find the tracks online so here is a recent DJ Steef edit that is the bomb and the Juno link to hear the previews of these tracks!

EDIT: As of 6 hours ago they are up now on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure!

Downtown Party Network ft. James Yuill – “The Returning” (Time & Space Machine Remix)”

September 25

This week marks the release of “The Returning,” a new single by Lithuanian DJ/production duo Downtown Party Network. The original, a blissful piece of Balearic pop, features the breezy voice of British singer James Yuill, and in this rework by Time & Space Machine (aka Richard Norris of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve), the vibe gets some added heft from a discoball drumbreak underneath. Paired with the expansive layers of delay on Mr. Yuill’s recitation “I want to feel your love,” it’s a compelling track, still blissful, but with a little extra bounce.

Downtown Party Network’s “The Returning” single will be available, along with this remix, via Juno on September 28th.

– Spoolwork

August 16

Love Like This – the Establishment

French Express has been releasing great Balearic-influenced house all Summer, mostly via freely downloadable singles by artists like Isaac Tichauer and Jonas Rathsman. Late last night they dropped this new tune under ace producer Chris Malinchak‘s new moniker the Establishment. Malinchak has been killing it all Summer, and this one has Ibiza 1988 written all over it. He starts with a feel good gallop, adds jaunty pianos and a beautifully chosen sample from the chorus to Exposé’s freestyle anthem Exposed to Love. Took me a little while to place it, but yet it felt so familiar, and so perfectly picked. It’s a nice change of pace from the mid-90s R&B samples that have been done to death recently. Follow the link in the song title for a free download from French Express, you can’t beat that for promotion.

While we’re at it, here’s the track the sample originated from, off of Exposé’s actual official Soundcloud, where you can stream most of their backcatalog. I hope more artists go this route. Plus you can pick up this and a bunch of their other 12” mixes on iTunes.

August 2


Prefab Sprout – Knock on Wood

I’m working on a beach-themed mixtape and I pulled out a few older gems to go on it, including this gorgeously produced Prefab Sprout tune, which falls nicely under the Balearic camp, although I don’t think anyone has taken much notice of it. With all the attention being given to folks like Tanlines and Poolside this song feels very contemporary. Paddy McAloon’s breathy vocals and sly songwriting are given a huge boost by the deft hand of Thomas Dolby* at production. Big luscious faux-caribbean drums, synth trumpets and flutes and lovely rolling gait make this a perfect tune for your next beach party. It’s in print off the Sprout’s From Langley Park to Memphis LP, which was a fitting followup to their more known masterpiece, Two Wheels Good.

* – Yes that same Thomas Dolby who did She Blinded Me with Science, I’m a huge fan, his work is much deeper than his two hit wonder status in the US might suggest.

Maxi Priest – Close 2 You (Frankie Goes Deep reconstruction)

June 21

Maxi Priest – Close 2 You (Frankie Goes Deep reconstruction)

Frankie Goes Deep, based out of Croatia, has been doing some fantastic edits and reworkings of later 80s R&B for some time now. His sample-filled edit of Jermaine Stewart’s “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes off,” filled with conversations about people losing their virginity, has been a staple of my sets for a while now.

Today he unleashed his newest tune, a reconstruction of Maxi Priest’s amazing “Close to You,” (peep the original video for some killer 1990-era kitsch). I don’t know what Croatia’s beaches are like right now, but here in Brooklyn it’s sweltering, and this tune is the perfect soundtrack for driving out to the Rockaways or perhaps some island off of Split, Croatia. Shimmering walls of synth, a little Summery guitar work, and a nice laid back vibe compliment Maxi Priest’s timeless vocals for a nice Balearic-style jaunt.

No free DL on this one yet, but Frankie has tons of good stuff up on his Soundcloud. As a bonus, here’s that hilarious We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes off edit.

/// Brian Blackout

Uncle Bob – "Uncle Bob’s Burly House"

June 7


You’re getting a secret balearic house weapon from me this week. This is a cut I can picture folks like Bicep or Chris Burns going crazy over. I bought a comp containing this track back when I was an aspiring raver of 13 or 14, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Back then I barely knew what house was, and I’d never heard the term balearic, but this tune is the JAM and it skirts both sides of the aisle so nicely.

Don’t know much about the artist, whether they had a Twin Peaks obsession, or even which of the four remixes it is. You can pick up the vinyl for a dollar bin steal over on discogs, but there’s no good place to buy a digital copy, so indulge your inner Bob over here…

Uncle Bob – Uncle Bob’s Burly House

/// Brian Blackout

May 24


Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Todd Terje edit) – Paul Simon

Over this past week I’ve been in South Carolina enjoying the beach, and last night my girlfriend and I were discussing Paul Simon’s Graceland, which led me to bring up this stunner of a Todd Terje edit. Todd Terje (aka the Terjelator) has recently become more known for his own excellent nu disco productions like Inspector Norse, which is shaping up to be the big Summer jam of 2012. But, he came onto a lot of radars as a master of balearic edits like this one. Songs that feel just right being played on a beach in the light of day. Songs that make you smile and want to hug everyone, or maybe watch Captain Ron or the Lion King

Originally released in ‘06, this edit, which Terje entitled “Diamonds Dub,” is among his best. Rather than trying to fill a dancefloor or improve the original, Terje has a fun, dubby take on this tune. The unassuming African polyrhythms of the original are brightened up a bit and brought to the fore. The slippery fretless bass takes a few moments to wiggle in the spotlight as well. Simon’s voice, liked the rest of the edit, is wrapped in a cocoon of a reverb. It’s as if during a performance, he’s running around the audience dancing with them as his band plays, before running back on stage to sing a couple lines. Find your local or not so local beach and some headphones and see if you don’t agree that this is sublime.

I’m sure the original Tangoterje vinyl is out of print. You can (and should) easily buy a copy of Graceland. Additionally you can try looking here for the edit.

/// Brian Blackout

March 21

Back from SxSW, I could write endlessly about how stellar Airbird‘s first show was, how Chad Valley caused a mini dance party to erupt, or how Mike Simonetti dropped that great Trentemøller bootleg of Springsteen’s State Trooper. But, though I saw many excellent shows and DJs, it’s been covered to death.

It was shorts weather in Tejas, but here in Brooklyn it’s still sunny days and crisp nights, the promise of Summer merely peeking out coyly from behind the clouds. Spring is a time for infatuation too, and Lindsey Buckingham is in Trouble. Not trouble, Trouble. As in, Lady Trouble.

The Fleetwood Mac frontdude recorded this shimmering ode to pitter pattering hearts and warm embraces in 1981. I was 3 years old when this hit the airwaves so I don’t really remember it, but Prince Language gave it a loving dust off for one of the sublime Editions Disco series. The folks at Future Classic have uploaded this out of print beauty so that you can hear it, but you can find the original easily, and it’s almost as lovely.

// Brian Blackout