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February 27

Unless you’ve been stuck beneath a rusted out Volvo under the BQE, you’ve probably heard of Gotye. The Belgian has somebody been making waves with “Somebody That I Used To Know” – a song I was pretty lukewarm on, but knew would be poised for a really solid remix.

Apaprently, ponder and you shall receive. The blog gods opened up the sky and spit down more remixes of this track than Rick Santorum has problems with brown people. The problem is, every single remix was as underwhelming as the original track.

Until, that is, some dude I’ve never heard of called The Fat Rat dropped his take on the song. For the first 90 seconds or so, I was pretty unimpressed until the thunderous bass line kicked in supported by some strings. Suddenly, it’s simultaneously 1995 and 2006 – the exact cross section between the heyday of Ed Banger Records and Phil Collins inspired vocals circa Genesis, and that’s not so bad.

– Mister Disco

February 20

It’s been a few years since Ladyhawke rocked dance floors by setting Paris on fire (I always preferred the Cut Copy remix anyhow), but it looks like one of New Zealand’s finer exports of the past decade aside from Lord of the Rings is ready to make you sweat again.

And like some sort of personal bloghouse fantasy, leave it to remix gurus Punks Jump Up to put their own spin on the track. It’s a little bit on the dark side for both parties involved, but all in all: it’s a hell of a banger. It only takes 30 seconds for PJU to insert their classic electro-grime, and you find yourself wondering how the original could possibly sound any better (it doesn’t).

Listen, sweat and share.

– Mister Disco